Dr. Young Choi is great. 

I have been getting treatment from her for a number of different issues.  I've suffered really awful side effects from Botox.  I was suffering on months (longer than usual duration of what they said the effects would last), and regular doctor could not help me. When Michelle started treating me, I started feeling some relief from the pain.  Within few months of facial acupuncture & herbal treatment, I am finally starting to feel normal again.  She also started treating my neck, back and stomach.  I was suffering indigestion after meals, but my stomach feels better now with the help of acupuncture and herbal medicine.  I really recommend her.  She really listens to your problems and checks up on you to see how you feel.  Aside from acupuncture and herbs, she shows you exercises you can do at home to  strengthen and stretch your muscles. I intend to come back to Michelle whenever I have issues. 


Sarah K  (Irvine, CA)

I received excellent treatment from Dr Young!!! I had arthritis in both hands, right hand was twisted. After 4 (four) treatments hands were straighten out. Also neck, low back, and foot pain much better!!
Although my insurance only allowed 10 (ten) treatments. Will continue to follow instructions.
Can't wait to get started again#
Thank you!! Dr Young!!!

Phyllis W   (Laguna Beach, CA)

I had treatments several times by Dr. Choi and I decided to choose her as my acupuncturist with follow three reasons:

The most important reason, first one, is her heart. When I explained my pain and background of many other illness, she put her heart to listen attentively, understand clearly, and make me feel secure and safe before starting treatments. When I was lying down on the bed, I was able to feel so comfortable already. She seemed to know how to help her patient with her devoted heart.

The second reason is that Dr. Choi knows exactly to heal her patients when and how to use a variety of treatment methods such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, or moxibustion and etc. Her skillful and knowledgeable ability to deal with patients were excellent. It seems to me that her skill and knowledge were combined by mind and heart of Dr. Choi.


The third one is her ability to educate patients in order to maintain their health of mind and body. Dr. Choi teaches patients how to exercise and train themselves at home, which helped me a lot to stay in good posture and be aware of importance of correct breathing.

I recommend Dr. Choi as a skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced acupuncturist, but the best part is her heart to understand patient’s pain and try to help them until they are able to exercise their body and mind by themselves. Dr. Choi is a very responsible health care provider. That’s why I chose her.


Angellica F   (Huntington Beach, CA)

Hello to whoever is looking for an acupuncturist! My name is Barbara and I was fortunate to find Michelle several months ago. I am an RN and believe that Western and Eastern medicine can blend well, plus I have "pain" issues that go along with being on my feet and the long hours. I have had a lot of acupuncture in my life and I can tell you from experience that she is THE BEST I have found. I have done this enough to know when it is not good and I knew from the first visit with Michelle that she was good!! She knows what she is doing and is well educated in her field.

I was suffering from severe neck pain and she was a miracle to me. She also worked on a lot of other pain I was having. After every visit I not only felt relief but was calm and relaxed for the day. I can tell you that the feeling of peace and tranquility I would have every time I left was amazing!

Michelle is not only knowledgeable but incredibly caring, sweet and professional, she really knows her practice of TCM. I can not say enough about Michelle and what a God send she was to me. If you chose her I believe you will find that she can help you, as she helped me, and it is a wonderful experience!

Barbara R   (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)

I've seen Dr. Choi for 6 months for acupuncture treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable and she cares for the well-being of her patients. She is very gentle in her approach and always listens to the patient's needs. She spends ample time for treatment and offers the best method for that session. She accommodates well in terms of scheduling and tries her best to be available. I've gone to her for acupuncture treatment and herb medicine to help bring my body balance back to normal. It's worked really well for me and she has made a huge impact on my well-being. Also, she helped me with the hip pain after a birth of my second child, and now I'm PAIN FREE. Look no further! This place is really a hidden gem. There is no other knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy person as Dr. Choi. I can't express it enough. I highly recommend this place!!



Hanna K   (Los Angeles, CA)

Young S. Choi is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable healer and practitioner who has successfully addressed my medical problem of 20 years. She has provided me relief that western medicine could not provide. She is focused and dedicated to healing and cares about her patients so much... she is a hidden treasure.I 

Parul P (Irvine, CA)

I have a chronic pain disorder, and osteoarthritis of the spine, and was recommended to try acupuncture. I had tried someone else who actually made me feel worse. I was then very fortunate to find Dr Choi. She is the best of the best! She knew other causes of my pain and went after those issues. I felt better after the first visit! She has kept my pain at a more manageable level. She has helped my pain in a way that western medicine couldn't. She is a healer and cares about helping you get better. She has such a calm and warm demeanor. I always feel so relaxed when I leave her office. Dr. Choi is not only knowledgeable but incredibly caring, sweet and professional, she really knows her practice of TCM. I believe if you are seeking healing that you can't get with western medicine you will find it with her; she is AMAZING!

Joanne L (Lake Forest, CA)

Oriental medicine is new to me--and I wish I would have discovered Dr. Young Choi years ago. She's a true "healer"--in every sense of the word.

For years, I felt fortunate to have access to some of the top traditional medical care in Orange County (Western medicine)--but I have recently become disillusioned with my overall healthcare system (practices, providers, big pharma,..). I was frequently misdiagnosed during "general" practicioner's hasty assessments--as well as "specialists" that failed to take my whole body into account. The treatment was always pills, or shots, or physical therapy--and I now believe that many of the pills and shots were doing more healthharm than healthcare.

So I googled "acupuncturist near me" and stumbled on Dr. Young Choi's Han Sol Wellness page. Called her and made an appointment that same day....not sure what to expect...I came to her office with a variety of ailments (30-year old car accident injuries [nerve pain], ovarian cysts, a lifestyle of stress and anxiety, etc...). She took her time assessing me from head to toe...her gentle touch, calming demeanor, and wise teachings are truly healing my body, mind, and spirit! Finally! I feel the health benefits immediately.

I give her 5 million stars! 


Kelly G (Laguna Beach, CA)

I am way to young to be having back problems but I injured my back and was in a lot of pain. I found Dr. Choi and she was just wonderful. I am a nurse and knew what the course of treatment my doctor was going to prescribe me; naproxen and muscle relaxants. I didn’t want to take it for too long and knew I needed to explore other therapies. Her treatments helped me TREMENDOUSLY and I am so happy I found her and am receiving her treatments. Thank you so much!!!

Manisha A. (Foothill Ranch, CA)

I visited Han -Sol twice for acupuncture related to a pinched nerve in my cervical vertebrae. Primarily, my hope was that there would be some alleviation of my symptoms and pain. The injury itself could only be corrected through surgery. I was very impressed with the thoughtful care provided by acupuncturist I saw there. She made every effort to understand and help. During the second visit she acknowledged that my case would require her to consult with someone in her practice more knowledgeable. She said that she didn't want to take payment from me because she hadn't helped me. However, I insisted. A couple weeks later I had successful surgery to fix the issue. Just recently I received a check for nearly a full refund for both visits I made without having requested one. How often does a business do that? Anyone in the area interested in acupuncture, cupping, herbal support or similar from an honest and committed practitioner of Chinese medicine should try Han - Sol.

Adam R. (Mission Viejo, CA)

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